Profile Avatar: $20

Lined and color flatted with simple shading/rendering


Characters (Digital Art)


  • Sketch: $15
  • Lineart: $30
  • Colored: $40

Full Body

  • Sketch: $30
  • Lineart: $60
    • Additional Characters: $50 Each
  • Colored: $90
    • Additional Characters: $80 Each

Character Collage

  • Lineart + Full Colored (4 Characters): $300 to start
    • Additional Characters: $40 - $70 Each (Depending on size relative to other characters)


  • Simple Backgrounds, Environment Props, Etc: $ Varies
  • Complexity of character may result in additional charges.
  • I will work with the customer on specifics of the illustration to get a more accurate quote.


Characters (Traditional Art)


  • Sketch: $30
  • Inked: $50

Full Body

  • Sketch: $60
  • Inked: $100
    • Additional Characters: $90 Each

  • Traditional pieces do not have an option for color. They are strictly black and white.

  • Complex Backgrounds or solely environment Illustrations are priced on a case by case basis.

  • All works will typically be sized at 9x12 unless otherwise noted. Large sizes will result in additional charges.

Terms and Conditions

  • Pricing is in USD.
  • All business will be conducted via email. My email address is
  • I reserve the right to deny any commission request.
  • I reserve the right to use commissioned art in my portfolio or website at a lower resolution.
  • Commissioned pieces are for personal use only.
  • Customer may not use commissioned pieces for commercial or non-personal purposes. Commercial illustration pricing will differ from those listed here. If customer is interested in commercial work, please let me know from the start.
  • A rough sketch or layout will be sent to customer for approval where they may ask for 1 (one) round of changes. Afterwards, customer may have up to 2 (two) changes during the illustration process. Any Additional changes will result in additional charges dependent on the complexity of the changes.
  • Commissions will only be taken for character illustrations depicted mostly in my style. I can stretch to fit the customer’s liking, but I will not recreate exact styles from other sources.
  • I do not accept commissions for concept art, production art, tattoo design, logos or graphic design.
  • For commissions totaling $40 or less, full payment upfront is required.
  • For commissions above $40, Half of full quoted payment will be expected upfront before I begin the illustration.
  • Final full resolution image (300dpi) will not be delivered to customer until entire payment has been received.
  • For large commissions, I can work out a payment plan with customer.
  • If customer would like a physical copy of the illustration, I can have one printed and shipped at the customer’s expense. Customer will also receive the digital file.
  • Traditional ink illustrations are packed and shipped at the customer’s expense. (Shipping Prices US: $5-7, INT: Starting at $11)
  • I will keep in contact with customer on progress and try to finish in a timely manner. If you need it within a tight deadline, please notify me from the start. Please also be aware that you may have to wait in line for commissions that came before you. Fast deliveries will result in additional charges.
  • Full refunds will only be issued if no work has been completed. If work on a commission has started, the customer will receive the working file in whatever state it is in and be given a partial refund, depending on at what stage work was stopped. Please let me know early in the process of any changes in the illustration to avoid this outcome!
  • Payments will be received only through Paypal. Please wait for an invoice from me via Paypal before paying.

Please e-mail me at if you are interested in a commission,
would like to receive a quote, or have any questions!

Thank you