VOID Challenge

Round One

In 2014, I participated in a VOID challenge at the website entervoid.com. At Enter Void, artists of all levels are encouraged to create their own character, give that character a background or story, and then pit their character against someone else's character in a battle, drawn out in comic form. Both participants have only one week to draw their comic, and then one week for the users of Enter Void to vote on a winner. Usually there are guidelines to follow when creating these comics, such as a cap on page count- In this case a cap at 5, but if you were willing to do more, the judges had no problem with it. Though in most cases, most contributors could get 5 pages done in a week, if they were lucky. Because I worked a full time job, all of my time in the evenings was devoted to Void.

The tournament I entered was a Death Match, essentially meaning that if my character lost, it could no longer be used in any further comics at Enter Void. Easy enough for me not to get too attached, since I was brand new. But regulars usually enter these challenges with characters that have been around for years. They have more to lose, which is what made these battles exciting.

For my first entrance into Enter Void, I created the character Night Blaze, a teenage girl cursed with being host to a dragon made of fire. Accepting her fate, Night Blaze has learned to fight using her accomplice and can transform her fiery friend into any form she pleases. When you enter the tournament, characters are drawn at random to battle, and you basically work your way up to be the last one standing. In my first comic, I was surprisingly pitted up against Wade Liostro, a personal friend of mine, and his character Pam Hamcakes. It was an unfortunate pairing this early because it surely meant one of us was going to sit out right from the start..

In order to write my story and plan how Night Blaze would be defeating Pam, I had to look into who Pam was as well as her story- However upon doing so, all Wade had put for her bio were the lyrics to "She's like the Wind" by Patrick Swayze. So... great. A mystery character. "I can work with this," I thought.

VOID Challenge 2

Round Two

My first round was a victory, which meant onto round two! I was matched up with The Skinner, a character created by Luniara. This comic unfortunately was not completed to the best of my ability due to the fact that I had to travel to Minnesota for a wedding during the drawing week! This essentially meant taking a laptop and tablet on the trip, drawing on the plane ride there, and drawing any time I was at the hotel. Late nights, early mornings, it was a very tiring trip... Again, wasn't super happy how it came out, but was proud I was able to get something done during that time!

End result? Lost by one point! Thus the end of Night Blaze's career... (At least on Void.) Overall, it was a challenging and very fun experience that I would probably do again if time allowed. Hopefully more comics are to come in my future.